by Engelblau College Admissions This is a comprehensive review of everything you should know to matriculate at Uriel University.
In addition to SATs AND GEDS which the Dept of Education uses, and which are available for free online to practice, we here at Uriel believe that love is an essential part of education.
The SATS and like tests were thought up at Princeton, the town of the Prince; our AAA tests are cooked up in the VALANGAVERSE, the ENGELSTADT.
Why? Because a lot of waste and wreckage of human energy and effort resulted from the failure of these Princeton dons to include LOVE in their curriculum.
We are witnesses to this. We can give lengthy lamentation. But it's better to light a candle to uriel than to curse the devils' darkness.
So lets build the lighthouse.
Like the SATS, there are 1600 Questions. Each 100 questions represents a COR concept to our curriculum.
This curriculum is still under revision, however:
Thoreau, Pasolini, Tolkien, Frankfurt. pinocchio, Frodo, Feanor, Dante. Volcanos, thermodynamics, companies, Domains, Evolution, Foundations, gardens, Astronomy.
If you pass these, you are ready to enter ENGELBLAU'S MUSICAL COLLEGE.
Paul Klee was a swiss intellectual, a painter who loved music and painted many angels before he died; among which the ENGELBLAU or LISTENING ANGEL.
The Trimester starts at the end of August;July 1st is when most schools start the academic year.
So if you want to matriculate in the fall, just prepare. Its self study for now.