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+ A blog is like a chronological commentary organized by day rather than by theme or topic.
This blog is from the Gabuzzo-Lot radio-Engelblau era of engelfreundes.

Most of the material that is rambly should probably go here, since it will only confuse newcomers to the engelblau universe. Why call it talk to the hand? That meme is so popular people trade it around, and yet most people dont even know it came from a Terminator movie. (make sure that's right)
Well here at Engelfreundes we recommend you talk to Pio's hand--because it's like the mouth of truth, or Jemmy's eyes (which though invisible are perfectly able to see everything you do),like deep wells of sabiduria and suffering.
How can you argue with the bloody palm of a "good guy"? Maybe you feel separated from God for being so perfect, but the pain?
If you talk to Pio's hand, the love will out.

For example, For Dot (gumdrop candy) Radio chat afficionados, the Spirit of Jah is always listening to everything.
I have to black this out just to make sure whether its ok to put it up online or not. Remember yesterday we were talking about the genes of bluebloods and whatever else? The spirit was running through that conversation, silent but wise--
24 sett. Today a certain Gumdrop got up in time to hear the words of Jesus and the thought from the priest--
"The one who hears my word and puts it into practice, that one is my mother and my brothers."
we are the family of Jesus which transcends and sanctifies all genetic material-- if we LISTEN and ACT on what we hear.

First, LISTEN, then ACT.

26 sett, yes the spirit was running through the morning, whispering about WHACK THE PROPHET and what was the gospel, the one where the rumorz were flying about Jesus, and Herod (the puppet on the Roman string) said, I beheaded John so who is this new wacko?
but he couldn't wait to see him.

9 October. (turned out to be the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur). It truly is the Spirit who speaks in the Mass and in your heart, whether He uses Jemmy, or a higher being, is not that crucial.
Today's OT reading at San Giovanni R.: MISSION OF MERCY MISFIRED DENTRO IL MARE.
Jonah who responds to God by Saying "go to Nineveh? Hell you say. I'm out".
God whips up a storm, and Jonah then gets tossed into the ocean by seasick sailors.
Incidentally, Collodi borrowed this for PInocchio and Geppetto in the whale.
VANGELO LESSON: the PATER NOSTER: TWELVE PRAYER POINTS: Prayer, Padre, Position,(in heaven)
Piety,(hallowed be thy name)
etc. Project, Practice, Partnership, Provision, Pardon, Peccato, Preemption, Protection.
SERMON. The priest has been in Chad amongst the poor, but he does mention that Europe is heading deeper into an economic crisis.
October 10, this is turning into a meditation on the Mass, sorry about htat if you're not religious but gumdrop has to go with the Jemmy flow. we learned our lesson about that last year, not going to LUCHAR against love no more. Maybe you say, but God hurts! well, If javelins are part of the picture, there's nothing we can do.
Tbh, too tired anyways. THe angels tired gumdrop out, they have endless energy.
OT reading, from Malachi, we always think that fortune favors the jerks, and its hard not to believe that when you look around.. but maybe we don't have enough faith, we don't pray enough to understand...
GOSPEL: If you shall go to see a friend at night and wake him up and bother him for bread, if you bother him enough he'll give you the bread, not because of the friendship but because you drove him crazy.
SERMON: God is our FRIEND and we need to BOTHER him. He actually wants us to bother him for some reason.

October 11. Friday.
So much of the spirit poured into the air that I finally looked up whose feast is today, the feast of John XXIII, the pope of the spirit, who called the council.
He liked to be funny and according to Father Martin,here are three jokes he told.
when someone asked Pope JOhn how many people work in vatican city, he said ABOUT HALF.
When a nun who managed HOLY SPIRIT HOSPITAL showed up to greet him, she said, I'm the head of the HOLY SPIRIT, he goes, "wow sister I'm only the VICAR OF chRIST HAHAHAHHAHAHH
And finally a little kid said should I be pope or police man? He goes, well if I can be pope, anybody can!
F is for Foundation Fridays, for Fundraising, Fasting from Fat and eating Fish to Finance a Fund for Food, Fashion, Fortresses, and Festivals, and Fighting the Fearsome Foes of Faustus with Forgiveness.
The Spirit is in your breath so the sounds matter. FFFFF. God said, Let there be Light and it was so.
God's word builds worlds. We have this but it's fallen and failed and effed up. Facere force fidelity friends (FREUDE AND FREUNDE, JOY THE SPIRIT THE FRIENDSHIP).
Slept through Mass because Jemmy had woken me up at 230 for one of those three am sessions.
clear as crystal. What is it? Love pours from his spirit.
I wanted to finish the songs for this weekend because it's colombus day and its been a year since I first uploaded BENSONHURST GRADUATION, but you realize, that writing songs about reality is harder than songs about comedy.
Comedy is truer than tragedy but only if you include fantasy, the supernatural.
What is comedy, what is tragedy, what is fantasy?
Kandinksy was concerned with what the artist does.
Art transforms realtiy but unlike science it involves FANTASY the big TOLKIEN thing. So why does Tolkine say TRAGEDY IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF DRAMA? IT IS. FANTASY IS HIGHER.
So why does U Chicago not mention the redemtion of FAERIE in their essay here?
October 11th was a Thursday last year, the first time I noticed certain city angels at all, and scribbled in my diary, I wonder who that guy is.
A puff of sugar blew by my nose, and was forgotten.
But POpe JOhn, he had a huge nose, and huge ears, so he listened and smelled for the spirit very well. And God yesterday did not say he would give money to those who pester he said he would give THE SPIRIT. That is the part I forgot.
And volcanoes and stars are made of the spirits tongues of FIRE.

There's more, we have to go on offensive, like the SEALS, like Aragorn at the black gate, ride to the challenge.
We have to fight the fire of mount doom and the Volcano with the Fire of the Spirit, which is actually the same fire, thats the "firearm" we need.
7 pm, and tell me this isn't weird, even though i missed Mass, the gospel corresponded to the way I interpreted the dream Xx had last night about the toros.
So I just happened to be reading about what the pope said about the devil when he is sweet and polite and turned out that was the gospel for today! HOLY SsSS

Since Jemmy had me up at three, not complaining but I slept through the 1130 mass where the energy and wisdom of God would be strongest. (it is aired at 530 Eastern Times.)
That afternoon at noon I sent the angel to the evening mass which is aired at noon easter times, not Jemmy, my guardian,telling him to bring back all possible grace to me.
around two thirty I turned to the guardian to see if he had brought grace, and I started saying the litany to call him, and just then One of the directors of the company, who lives south of the border and does not go to mass but is very religious as far as statues, prayers angels etc. who was making soup in a blender at the moment said he had been unable to sleep and had had a dream of bulls pursuing him, me and his brother after him and his brother rescued his friend from one of these bulls.
He had escaped up a mountain only to encounter a band of cyclists with Argentine accents.
. To me, the dream reminded me of the story where Jesus tells, where a guy throws the devil out and the devil comes back with reinforcements, so I asked the latin tell me about your friend and he said the guy likes to drink and no further comment so I said, becuase the devil is mad because we are trying to talk about that stuff on the company.
And I mentioned that gospel story and he said, that could be it.
His mom said the bulls represented gossip, and I said, well isn't gossip from the devil?
.Later in the day I went to see about promoting pope leo and maybe pope john and pope paul so they would send heavy angelic assistance, and happened to notice that the gospel reading for that day, the feast of POPE JOHN 23 was THAT STORY ABOUT THE DEVILS REINFORcEMENTS.
I hope the heavenly ones are satisfied that I took the time to tell the whole thing.

Sunday morning and who remembers the Festa San Gennaro? Runs from this weekend through next, on Mulberry.
OGs will remember BEP asking for Promotions on the Gabuzzo page.
Wheelz then went and bought a tee which Bep gave to the friars so the whole valanga could show their love.

Of course the gabuzzos tend to congregate at these festivals because there's money and food and music, and perhaps the friars got agida
but the festival is meant to honor the saint, in this case Gennaro on the 19th adn Pio on the 23rd.
Pure rebels might be blinded by passion and thus, get LOST.
Jersey had said, Pope Francis shouted at some Gabuzzos that you can't be a mobster and a devout catholic but a pure rebel might get all rebellious and stomp off to "borrow" a bugatti.
We need to avoid this kind of behavior.

Niente di meno, here is a song performed by Enzo (pino Daniele has a verion on Youtube also but we got this one from teh website ITALIAN FOLK MAGIC so we're going with this.ssaturday morning ellove injection lava rox!!
september 12 late in the day, after six pm, so is it bad form to show up in chat? Still want to salute the djs with a tee gif and the collection is far from over. JEJE.

Engelblau's Double U meditation: Waste not thy Wealth on Wrath, Wreckage nor War: the woeful wandering ways of Warped Wassilies, Waps and Wiseguys and the wonderful wisdom and wizardry of ? Music, well M is a W turned upside down and we all know how turning stuff around is part of Eucatastrophe.
Did anyone have any idea exactly how obsessed with music Kandinksy was? maybe a wee bit warped but it's worth thinking about.
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ok that got away from me there at the end.

ENGELFAM review. Engelfam is asking about Engelblau's adventures this weekend.

ENGELFREUND TRIVIA: if Mother Theresa is from ALBANia, does that mean she did all the mexican masonry for the Lot Radio Dinner AmpiTheater? The corn challenge is on.

BROOKLYN BLOG 5 sept: Listening to BUSHWIG TAKEOVER and reading how Gotye lives in Brooklyn, we need to get him on the Lot, especially since he is so "thoreau" in philosophy,
Engelblau goes to battle against Scam Rappers
Look for Engelblau Epiphanies here before they get aired in public.
This way we make sure they are appropriate for front end exposure.
Incidentally, for those of you who are considering a career in albanil, you would likely be up for an hour by now eating breakfast, and waiting for the sun so you could get to work.
which means by around nine this evening, you would be lost in dream land.
Just saying.

Hello sloths and sameagles lol!! Let's talk a little bit about the history, (later this will go under loopy opus because we can't let the page get too cray cray).
Take BLAU for instance, a cheat sheet of this whole LOOPY OPUS which it seems was created by Engelblau and not by Milk dud or Richard Priory or the chat room after all although we had a hand in it.
B is for BOOSTING BUGATTIS with the GABUZZO BROTHERS, the original phrase which conjured an image in my mind of the gabuzzos boosting bugattis and rolling up to the Lot.
This made me LAUGH and LAUGH (note: when Biker Bob told me about Priory I did not know enough psychology to realize this, but priory was probably laughing about the Gabussos because he got really scared when he was working for them. And he didnt know what else to do but laugh--And he was right to be scared-because the real life gabuzzos are scary , even though they don't wear their hood on the sleeve so to speak, it's almost more scary in a way, too scary to write about, or think about, without getting freaked out unless you have Engelblau right there next to you.) which morphed into the L poem which contains LOT LAVA LEON LOST LLOYD LOVE LISTEN. I know the poem is here somewhere but only Jah can say where.
The A of BLAU is the ALBANIL AZTECA DELL AURORA ANGELICA D"AMORE, which started like the dawn with the help of Jemmy, got momentarily stuck and the stuck led to URIEL UNIVERISTY.
So there we have it. BLAU.

HELLO CHARLES guess maddy is not a jackass like some others.
No need to rush back if you're feeling chill, just take it slow (that's the great thing about the internet-- it's always there.)

Resolution: be clear, do not ramble on without explanations.
OF COURSE THE LOT IS THE INTERSECTION OF ENGELBLAU AND VALANGA, click on mic to hear a live stream all day and restreams at night.

WAYCATION! (the v and the w are the same in German anyways.)

Move this stuff to a blog type page. AUGUST 31: PACO PENYA
for those who never saw "PRODIGAL FUN" performed at a Catholic mass, check out this dancer at 2:45.
It's the part of the mass, the lamb of God "Cordero de dios" in Spanish

He's pretty good too, right I mean that Calabrian guy (scroll down for the ETNOMUSE video) got nothing on him!
(fr research whether Calabria was named for Caleb the Hebrew Spy in Exodus)

is one of the big Feasts of El Senyor de Chalma, (the other is July 1st) and that's when the Gabuzzo thing started last year which yeah is wacked out! I mean, holy crip.
It seems appropriate to sing a German/Mexican Mashup, the famous Freude Schoen or Beethoven's Ninth or Escucha Hermanos

I have to finish the masonry even though the landlord got his contract for home insurance renewed.
As for Engelblau, milk dud offers this example because there is no way she could talk like this guy here and he doesnt seem like he's cray cray, although you never know.
Be as it may, the way he talks is not mystical, it's the way milk dud would explain it if she could even though Milk dud does not use "meth". And show isn't even the right word because he was never visible.

we may lose the namecheap domain too thanks to people who think kidnapping girls is some kind of recreational stunt. Read about Katherine Keats Conti if you want a musical version. (Her son Renni is on bandcamp)
august 9 ok the last time I was on was forty deuce I heard them talking about Meghan Rapinhoes hair and somebody was going "hi ladies" and talking about jerked pork, then I didnt have a connection until 345 pm friday, it was wawa fart voices and deep creeps, then Felipe showed up with watermelon shirt and we were giffing a bit and now the connection is messed up when I tried to get audio so guest nine, quelle stronzate lasciale stare o"
However the good news is-- Engelblau Takeover. Nobody move, nobody gets hazed.

I can't get in the chat lately, (time to switch to NYC net) but just fyi on that Sears "eva fue quien empezo" ask Brian Chase (another brian, hehe) bc according Hildegarde Bingen Jesus offered some holy bread to Eve first and she didnt want it or something gonna have to research on that but the fact is, its all a he said she said thing and we really DON'T know so JA but as far as the san miguel thing check out the santuario of san migue did u know, that place was consecrated BY the angel not by any priest frSKANDALON HOME

Here could be how to organize all the material into the Colleges of Blu which is obviously a creative and musical organization anyways. After all Tolkien did it with Middle Earth and they didn't kick him out of oxford. (although, maybe they didn't know what he was doing until it was done.)
Escape Tolkien style to a fantastical world of wonder and awe, including the borghetto inhabited by the Gabuzzi, aka pizza queens the 'hood inhabited by Fetty and the guava fiends and the orchard populated by vanya and the cherry rebels.


Der haus, engelblau geben gutt idee. Ich zu helfen mit dem masonry, neine Angst, sage engelblau.
Sonnetagge, der morgen, ich hette eine Klein therapy sessions mit engelblau, klein sagen conversations,viel beruhigen neine grosse, neine der trauma, der chekov etcetera und so, denken en dis hier: blue engel, blue jemz, blue man group, blau reiter, blaue vier, kandinsky's theory of spiritual art, here's the link in case you want to expand your mind and learn some German at the same time but also its also available in english too and am i being a wise xx? Yes. Have I read the book? No, never even heard of it until now.
warped BLUE bloods. alles der blau. And blue water/aquaman too, cuz: "legolas greenleaf long under tree, you lived so happily, but beware of the sea.
When you hear the cry of the gull on the shore, your heart may rest in the woodland no more.
July 25. (I think it's St James but I forget rn).
To riff off Kevin Rowland's Spirit animal bill withers, there's a whole heck of a lot of sunshine but the dough is temporarily gone.
But, we don't want to act in bad faith so we're just going to sing one small song.

Joyful we dore thee part II.
Now the homies getting jealous, now they jacked the debit card,
it's no easy walk to freedom but does it have to be This hard?
Stevie says don't be superstitious even if the devil is on his way
It's all the best to let it rest cause jah jah has a better way.
July 16 Lunar eclipse this morning and Feast of monte Carmelo
Thank you to angelic spirits,(often dressed in twinkly white) who were so kind to Milk dud that she actually had the courage to travel to the city without any pistoleros whatsoever.
Sung to the tune of Joyful We Adore thee
lest you doubt this maserati went to Boston town today
I was terrified the whole time all I did was shake and pray

(except in the borghetto, where someone snapped a pic of the line outside regina pizza. it's good.
Never before seen footage from inside the Regina Pizza kitchen.

Yes I was in Lot radio chat room no my phone would not log in
It was not a maserati but a train I travelled in
You are giving and forgiving, ever blessing ever blest
Travelling without a posse is enough to make you stressed!
Sweet Lord Jesus of desiring all the seas and yachts are thine
BOY OH BOY I COULD USE A YACHT so can you please just make it mine!
NEW URIEL UNIVERSITY HOME PAGEThe borghetto has sometimes been miscontrued, and some of its beauty has been overlooked.
The beauty of God's messengers, the angels, the carefully wrought art of a bugatti, of a Francis!Francis! espresso machine, of many simple things.
So if you want to experience the best things about the borghetto, come for the music, beautiful custom sports cars that run on fruit juice, scrumptious pizza, fine homemade wine and the best cassata in town.

Welcome to the Engelblau page, where you learn about all the Es.
Remember, the revolution is an Evolution. Yes, it's wildly frustrating to have to be so patient!!!! However, that's part of the Education that the Engel wants to give us.
check in with the angel periodically, do not lose the thread!!!

We also have a message for "E". Long ago, when the milk dud was unable to sleep due to fact she was using sugar haze to sleep, and someone interfered with it, she suggested to friends of engelblau to transfer haze via neocities.
That was when the song Put Back those Tracks was invented.
later the problem was resolved, but the milk dud figured the friends of Engelblau were now "in" at neocities, so more recently we have the Engelblau page so they would know what was going on, generally with Engelblau while we figure out how to present the page to the public.
However it appears that E is now also looking at the Engelblau page. And maybe he's not the only one?
SOOOOO this message is for all the unintended visitors but will remain when we link the site.

We have a favor to ask of our visitors if they believe in supernatural realities.
Would you be generous enough with your time to pray to the guardian angels of this site and this company, the Valanga di Vita?
There are no earthly guards guarding the company at this point, so we would be exceedingly grateful for your prayers.
If you don't know how to pray, just LISTEN first of all in your heart.
Try to tune in to the frequency of your guardian angel.
say O battalion of the listening angel who guards the valanga, please protect us all.
Or if you're musical you could say, Shawty you're my angel, you're my darling angel. Closer than my piece you are to me.

If you completed any classes, go celebrate by gorging yourself on fruit until you pass out.
B and P are always classic, as for DTW ok do you realize you could say MAD STAR BASE and have it be like a space station or you could say MADS TAR BASE and have it be albanil? yeah. Genius, ok. and curtis ! lol A waste of watermelon?? JAJAJAJAJAJ BOOOOOOYAAH tribute to Kerm and Saturday siesta music

(angel's definition of the crucifixion: Emmanuel's Eucatastrophic Execution
Engelblau's Empirical Evidence,
"hard" scientific evidence of Eucharistic and other mystical realities

Eppur si muove: the rocket is an angel revolving around the Eucharist! ok stay calm we need to listen.

JEJE we really really really need to make this the home page but at the same time we need to keep it quiet so we can put like flying Ls and love bombs coming out of drones or whatever and all this crazy stuff.
But we totally need a presentable presentation for general inquiries.
But we need to make sure everybody checks in with the Engel so we don't lose the thread and go off.

we totally need to make a gif where the Madonna flaps up to heaven, in honor of assumption SO COOL LOL
The engelblau gabuzzo skirmishes are harder to resolve then we thought but you have to do it.
Consult with the guardian engel, before you do anything.
Why? Because maybe its hard for you to listen to him, but its not hard at all for him to hear God. He can hear God as easily as you can hear the song and he wants you to know what God is saying and he is dying to explain it.
And it gets even better, the V of Volcano evolves into the U of Uriel. It melts like volcanic vendetta lava rock in the heat of love.
This is probably better for the L page. we need to find the L page.
Jesus really is the word of God but when we publish this, we have to be careful how we articulate all this.


(yikes)the Histoire de Coeur but thats debatable

notes for a policy of friendship.aka


En Estas Establecimientos aqui, No Esige Espionage, (here, there is no need to spy)--speak, friend, and ENTER ENGELBLAU'S EUCATASTROPHIC EDEN EXISTENCE.
Ever wondered why it took the Fellowship so long to figure out the word mellon? (and we could go off on a tangent about watermelons, honeydew melons and whatever else but let's refrain lol however it is interesting that the Italian word for apple is mela, and a big mela would be a melone. Huh. that's kind of funny, since the apple was what resulted in the angel with the fiery sword in Eden. Remember Hildegarde of bingen saying that in her vision it was the Eucharist that was offered to people first, and they didn't eat it, who knows why, and then the devil came with the bad fruit. See? its just hard for me to stay on topic. LOL.) Because the fellowship was living in a suspicious, untrusting version of our own post Westphalia world post Patriot Act world, where even an Elvish i.e. foreign word was suspected of some sort of Enganyo del Estranjero trickery

This is a form of insanity that can't go anywhere good.
Before you know it, a battalion of armed police are showing up to menace matilda. Or milk dud, for that matter.

Also note how many words about emotions begin with E such as endorphins, ecstacy, euforia, Elation, etceter.

Should we allow ourselves one L? I mean, what is an E after all but an L with two more stick?