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BLAU: German for BLUE.
BLAUE REITER: A spiritual artistic movement in Germany before the World wars which was ruined by those wars and reincarnated as the BLAU FOUR.
(interestingly, DOT though a "stan fan" of Paul Klee, had no idea about all the details behind his angel paintings until engelblau started to make peace.
COLLEGE OF BLU: aka "trackademics".
A College invented by Engelblau based on Musical psychology.
Evidence which is phenomenological; that is, based on what is available to the physical senses.
We have to present all these scientific proofs of mystical phenomena using empirical evidence.
Robert Sarah is hyperconservative or at least he comes across that way, maybe he's not as cray cray as the media would have it, but he wrote a document about adoration and angels in Germany in April of 2019, that deserves a look. Didn't Francesco put him in charge of Eucharistic congresses or something. that would be something to find out. FIND THIS OUT BEFORE WE START USING THIS WEBPAGE. We need to find out what the priests are saying about the Eucharist before we go off all over the place. There must be some purpose to the priesthood otherwise Jesus woulnd't have used it for the Eucharist.
ENGEL, German for ANGEL.
ENGELBLAU is in fact a flavor of ice cream known in Italy as puffo and in USA as blue something (a lot of people didnt know that either); however the reference here is from the painting.
And like someone said, if you dont know that you can always FIND OUT! Dont be LAGNUSO. HINT: BLAU REITER MOVEMENT.
Find the painting's title and you will know why it is perfect for this website, because every time we see it, we remember to listen which is the hardest part of praying imo.
ENGELKROL, if you dont know who this is, think about it.
ENGELKUCHEN: A fluffy white cake commonly baked for Freustuck by and for The Engelblau Detachments. If frosted with buttercream frosting, we recommend blau schokolade jeje. for disambiguation see CORNETTO, etc.
ENGELSTADT: the valangaverse, a virtual blockchain universe where the good angels are in charge of everything
ENGELTRAX: Songs about the Engelfreundes' adventures found elsewhere on this website.
ENVY similar to jealousy envy is what brought the enemy to enmity with the God of Life.
EUCATASTROPHE: That's when something happens that appears to be bad (it might even appear to be your fault) but it turns out to be something good after all.
After all, "the stone that the builders rejected is the stone of the corner".
we have to be patient, though, this is the most difficult thing.
But if you try to do everything at once, you don't have time to consider what you are doing.
The word Eucatastrophe was discovered or invented by JRR Tolkien, who often described his work as an author as "finding" stories rather than inventing them, much like Michelangelo said he would "find" the figure in the stone he was sculpting, that it was always there, he just had to discover it.
EUCHARIST: For Christians, the Eucharist is the ultimate Eucatastrophe, and believing in it is like believing in faerie, a world that you cannot see which changes the flavor of everything.
Thus the subtle, wily and tricky devil (why exactly is he so jealous, wasn't he the number one angel, find this out) did not openly scoff at the Eucharist, but introduced slowly and by degrees, a small and sad world of "rationality and science" by disguising himself as intellectually superior and saying "we have to put aside all this superstition" which really meant, putting your mind into a box and stomping on your soul, and which, once fully formed, would exclude the Eucharist by definition.
And thus people came to lose the happiness and joy of the Eucharist, the ultimate consolation,
The Eucharist, the ultimate Eucatastrophe, even if we can't say so perhaps just yet.
FREAK TERRAINS, connected to the Mexican Summer.
FRANGIPANE, another word for COMPANY and also EUCHARIST , related to PIZZA and WOOD BURNING OVENS.
FRASSATI, saintly mountaineer from Turin who experienced a YOUNG DEATH due to his love for the sickly.

GELLI, the bodyguard of Paul Viti in the movie ANALYSE THIS, also, nickname for any angel, also nickname for a person who is jealous (for disambiguation see: JALOUX.
JALOUX: used to describe the devil and his crew.
JEMMY: person who suggested the Engelblau universe.
Is also known as Buscemi (though technically is not sicilian) BJ, the Doctor, etc
originally was suspected of being a witch who hexed people out and made them unable to leave the musical domains, but was later discovered to be really, really cool