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DADDY'S GOT A NEW 45. what is a fire -arm anyway?
NOTE ON THE CHARACTER OF BILLY BOB CRAPWEASEL: the reference in these pages to "billy bob crapweasel" is a reference to Friends, the one with the black out, and the way white americans often see certian types of immigrants particularly those who are from "roman catholic" cultures. It will make sense to those who know the story of Paolo and the black out on friends. LIke the quarantine, the blackout forced people into situations they might not otherwise have to confront, and the actor who played Paolo was not happy that his character was being stereotyped as a "sleaze bucket italian". Though he was not portrayed as a redneck, the character of Billy bob crapweasel is, in order to cover the prejudice waterfront, so to speak--: the billy bob is in reference to the redneck "wetback" immigrant racism and the other kidn of racism is, if the Latin or Southern European is suave and debonarie then they are "crapweasel" for stealing your girl.
In either case as has been noted elsewhere, the people who slur foreignors in this way often also treat women as "objects" who have no agency and can't decide for themselves what they want.
Why go through all that explanation? Because 1:some people amongst the musical fans may have thought that Billy bob is biker bob, which it has nothing to do with it whatsoever, instead billy bob is a kind of a non PC way of satirizing southerners. 2. Second of all because women who end up with "crapweasels" --and we could go on forever about what a crapweasel even is-- often do so not through their own choice but because they were denied a choice, becuase of violent men in their own families who force them to seek out protection. Instead of passing the guilt off and slurring these gangsters, these men should try to figure out why they are so violent.

Scholars study the origins of letters to find the original meaning, for example is D the alphabetic descendant of a long bow? it surely is shaped like one. At any rate, it is important to consider that we make speech from the air, where the spirits are said to dwell. Moreover, that these stories are fun but also fit our mission and are not simply a waste of time laughing at bad or even "illegal" read that "inconvenient to the power" behavior. In a famous 1970 experiment at Stanford Prison, a psychologist made a big deal out of examining systemic evil. Ironically while these ivory tower shrinks pontificate and engage in academic abuse, people are dying of depression related illnesses every day who have neither the time nor the safety to debate the ideas presented in his "study".
But as we will continue to repeat, and not be bashful, a true story wants to be told, even if pontius Pilate, or the US political system, all three branches, or in poorer counterparts, the machine guns of hte right wing salvadoran death squads are in your mouth to stop you from speaking--because "I came into the world to testify to the truth"
For those who doubt the danger of singing like a bird, consider the famous movie movie drama "witness" about an Amish child who unwittingly sees a drug deal gone homicide by a corrupt cop in the bathroom of a train station.

(based partially but not entirely on real events).

A valangaverse Decameron for the Coronavirus quarantine.

As told by Memo Corleone to Cachita.
Cachita follows Memo around and writes everything down but not like Moses who went up Mount Doom for forty days and braved the thunder of God's voice to get the stone tablets. Its not even the still small voice that spoke to the prophet Elijah after the storm had passed. (Because Cachita tends to get all riled up like a bugatti and then blaze away, and had to run to "the place" a studio in Rome, to listen to Hey survivor until she had the courage (courage from COR--LEONE) to even think at all much less write calmly and coherently.)So when she writes stuff down, It's more like the angels in the festival canticle of musical grottos(let's hope.)
Memory is important to identity (wojytla) and to self reflection and participation (Barfield) and since humans are natural creators and story tellers, the spin we put on history is crucial, (in it to spin it) as we saw last night with El NIno Blanco and his friends. Fruity loops is more than just strawberry seeds in a turn table...we consume that flavor into "spun sugar" so to speak.
Cachita dozed off in front of the fire while listening to mixdown tips, and missed the tour of new york because she has been running from the jellyfish for a while and she's still learning how to dodge them.but she learned this morning that a famous NYC tour guide William Helmreich, has died, so we are glad that Marcelle is carrying on the tradition and we hope his story is uploaded to the memory bank we call the internet.
If you wonder who cachita might be, the famous video "Despasito" was originally written to tell the story of cachita. instead of prancing heedlessly down a puerto rican beach as if it were Southeast Florida during the quarantine,the video portrayed the cousin of a famous Mexican periodista running headlong from a hoarde of angry jellyfish, (more like what you see jack sparrow doing in pirates)and "out of the frying pan into the fire" she took refuge in a bar loaded with sanchos of the kind you see in the video who were snarking "corre, cachita , u know we gonna beatcha".The video was sanitized for VEVO as so often happens, and what you get is pure pop minus the real sazon.

As the plague ravaged renaissance Florence, it was decimating the city like the Corona virus, prompting the super rich to take to the hills and tell each other fairy tales, which isnt really fair because who needs faerie more than the people who couldn't escape?
Our Founder Frassati followed his hero Girolamo Savonarola in suggesting that the plague and all other social ills could be solved by teamwork,--as noted elsewhere, had Savonarola and others like him, (say, Francis of Assisi..or..Katherine of Siena, Doctor of the church) been listened to, it's possible that the religious wars of Europe could have been averted...consider this for a moment... so the legalistic pharisees set him on fire.
We could go on for hours about the meaning of this but here:
NOTE: In the grand tradition of ancient and venerable preparatory schools, take the cor-leone (heart of a lion) AAA test before you break for the weekend. This is another tradition of the super rich but hey why not? They also pass out candy after, too.
We're relocating the exams in the interest of organization. Remember, you can always go to Engelblau's grotto for music too, and the university page for mondiale madness.

Bocaccio had his decameron and we've got ours.
the latest development, famed cult leader tiger King maldonado has been spotted by paparazzi drones --who if ai are people too really should have been sheltering in place--in the presence of known brooklyn area bakery based anti mafia activist "crisco One" (notice how as an educational outfit we worked in our ABCS right there) who often used a large community oven in Mccarren park to preach peace to poor pedestrians who couldnt afford bugattis. Crisco loudly called out maldonado for his high toned finest wheat eating thoroughbred arabian horses, claiming "I couldnt even afford a corn fed donkey right now". (this is probably not true however as criscos net worth is quoted on wiki as in the neighborhood of six million, which aint all that shappy.) Viggo Mortensen, notorious for his love of horses which he developed while growing up in argentina --to be fair he too is rather wallet heavy--and famous for vacating a manhattan hotel when it didnt have windows he could open, personally appeared to claim that his mustenyo horse could beat the SXXXX out of maldonado's prize winning divas any day of the week and twice on the feast of Mexican priest and revolutionary Hidalgo. Maldonado yelled "bunch of celebrity seltzer water drinking divas all of you " and leapt on his city bike , pedalling furious ly in the diretion of the federal prison where "shorty guzman" is held in solitary confinement and may be insane or maybe not because you never know with news leaked from jail. Ride hard, wormtongue, mortensen muttered as he struggled back on the horse lent to him by Eomer and rode for Theoden's stronghold to announce the dire situation. You're late, said legolas, did you get the athelas for the cure? No, said viggo, but arwen is going to call the kodiak bears to stir up the gowanus canal. "what about us, snazz boyz? " shouted the bugatti poor protesters who were pushing each other aside to get at a slice of day old pizza from the oven. At least you are safe from the virus, we have to walk everywhere.

Sunday morning go to meeting readers, stuck at home and unable to attend Romeros' rousing rebellion, will doubtless be curious to hear the Saturday night edition of our quarantine Bocaccio series.
Dave P (the p stands for Pinot noir, penne all arrabbiata, pasta primavera and pandemic solutions TM INC.) had planned to present a sold out pantomime of "the pandemic of the opera" at a bando theater in South Philly. His plans were foiled however by itinerant strawberry picker Billy Bob Crapweasel, who Dave had hired to rig the lighting system in the theater. As Phantom afficionadoes will recall, the chandelier is required to crash into the crowd, and since there is no crowd anywhere these days, Dave instructed Billy Bob to crash the live stream instead with a volley of visual fireworks, using the overhead neon bars to create a 3D illusion and wow participants just before the feed would go dead. Billy Bob however, had exaggerated his knowledge of high tech EDM style theatrics. In fact his electrical experience was slim to none and consisted of trying to wire his tractor so he could harvest strawberries remotely, (which he had not succeeded in doing ) so to distract dave he disguised himself as the Dekmantel Demon and glued sparklies to his jacket. Savvy viewers saw through the ruse immediately and demanded a raincheck, prompting dave to tell Billy Bob "You know exactly what you can do with your strawberry pie." Which Billy did, and Dave spent the remainder of the evening scrubbing little seeds off his turntable, which ironically turned out to be a viral hit on twitch.


April fools day...the old agricultural new year --time to plant the first crops even. But farmers are not all as foolish as the oligarchy would have you believe.
As the sun lifts its rosy cheeks over the horizon, and Mexico city bricklayers (even if they're gonsapos in Compton)throw back their cafe con leche to dispatch last nights crudo and head to work, you're probably wondering if you'll get a recap of last nights story. Well...when we left off, redneck crop harvester and wanna be wifi whiz Billy Bob crapweasel and Philly Phantom empresario Dave P were skirmishing in a bando theater over strawberry seeds and fruity loops.
Dave P went out to buy some flour for the cornettos, and told Billy Bob he would cook for him if he could borrow Billy's bandana as a face mask. Anyways if the theater owner shows up the mask will come in handy as well. True, agreed Billy and handed over his trademark TM red bandelero bandana, wtihout which he no longer looked quite so bandito ish. A weary Billy Bob dozed off only to be awakened by Sensoria who liked his cheap rates and asked if he had any volcano footage on his phone.
You all are in luck, Billy said happily, I do! My friend is from Ecuador where the mountain Gods have been vocal lately.
We also need mushroom clouds and Japanese suicides, though, added Willimantick and chadwick, which Crapweasel thought he could simulate wiht shadowboxes in the basement. He ambled down the theater stairs only to be confronted by the ghost of Prince Rogers Nelson jamming with Liberace's ghost on a dusty grand piano. Prince? Said Crapweasel? Well I was hoping to be a gigolo instead of a rent boy..said a woeful prince as he plucked out a melancholoy melody..this Liberace gig is kind of a compromise. I can compromise too! Said crapweasel, smelling cash. I can pick cherries just as easily as strawberries!
Err, the Cherry MOon isn't about cherry picking exactly, Prince began...only to be interrupted by a Jewish socialist who used to be a carpenter (no, not Jesus, but He's in here somehwere to be sure.) We shall not compromise, warned Bernie, who was irritated that crapweasel's crew had not shown up for the varsity rally. Is that why you bailed on me in my hour of need? It wasnt', truth be told. Ironically, the crapweasel crew had wanted to promote Aaron swartz and free textbooks, but their internet connection simply wasn't strong enough to withstand the covid barrage.


As the rain washed over a virus ridden world, the make shift pizza party of body guard jelly was crashed by yet another unexpected guest, this time a recently released respiratorily risky rapper wearing rainbow rims and a raincoat from yankee stadium. Get the deetsFROM LAZARUSand if the sangre is prowling bushwick in these times, well, the code will have to wait. My man! cried prince. My shorty! cried the rapper. (didnt shorty originally refer to bffs) The tats ! Prince cried, embracing his fellow crooner despite covid rules. the heels! responded the rapper, embracing back. So how's gentrification working out for you, sinsi, prince inquired with a genteel gesture, adjusting his cape and, assuming a more laid back tone. Fine, fine, its all legit, hyrdroponic.
That says SIX not SAX SEX SOX SYKES NOR SUX for the inalfabeti amongst us.

Last evening as the "dont shoot me Im only the" piano players elderberry or is it cherry moon drew ever closer and the tantalizing scent of frutti di bosco blown in on a tardy march wind filled the air, while the quarantined were locked inside the bando basement trying to love jam to physical therapy after day drinking on a brian chaser because neither miller time nor corona hour are essential.Aiight, nuff widdit Im the captain now said the rapper, whipping out his trusty piece and firing off a few rounds into the ceiling for good measure. Before jelly could even swallow his submarine sandwhich enough to guffaw, The spirit of blue jemz appeared. Danny, he said, you been misbehaving now lets calm right on down. Misbehaving says who? said the rapper confidently. You got no face, you got no case. Not only am I wearing a covid mask but my case is sealed. Besides my backup is pretty solid. they prolly already disappeared the paperwork. He pulled his piece again. either way, with this cannon here Im in charge. Yeah good luck with that, said jemmy, cuz I'm dead. Ever seen the dead Kenobi in Star wars? He pulled the entire misdirected fire I mean file of the rapper from his pocket. Does not look good here, old sport, he said , perusing the encyclopedic sheaf of malfeasance with a rueful glare. old sport! cried the rapper. yea i been hanging with Gatsby, explained jemz. Lets see here, drug charges, grand theft muscle car, weapons charges, middle school xxx, assault on a tattoo parlor,attempted murder charges yadda yadda, yup looks like you're in need of supervision. You're in luck though, he said grandly, pulling another bunch of papers from his other pocket. Im the ghost in the machine, he said, and this is the new bylaws of the BLUE JEMZ Board of directors. Are you outchore mind! cried the rapper. No just out my body! quipped jemz. I told you the man was a blowhard, didn't I? whispered milk dud, who due ot the shortage of milk duds in the basement was becoming increasingly impatient to "ditch". Now let the board meeting come to order. Whats that, a skateboard, said the rapper. A surfboard suggested dud. A boogie board? A snowboard? bored of the rings (referrng to an old Harvard yard lampoon of tolkien)wagwan dem tings? He means cutting board, suggested a slow but solid jelly. no, none of htat. Its a board of trustees, so trust me.
As the longest saturday on record dragged imperceptibly on, danny and crew (wonder who the crew might be jeje) made their way up to the roof on a bike with ripped up tires, where sicilian born associates of 93 sangre were congregated trying to merge a live stream with the Garda boyz hq in lake garda,("hardy" core fans of the genre will recall that george Clooneys bad mint games (manolo banik combat boots required) had once drawn the likes of Roberto De niro and Leonardo De capri
Due to Italys lockdown, the lake was completely empty except for a lone anchovie fisherman who had caught nothing except a bad rap from a bored carabinieri who wrote him up for exposing the fish to the virus.the cop agreed to delete the summons "for a price". Meanwhile on the other end of the roof, Eminem was practicing his fake suicide jump from the NOT AFRAID prequel straight to netflix trailer. he figured he might get more views if he did jump but landed in a garbage bin. (dont try it at home. Actually dont try it anywhere tbh.)

As sinkanes set advised us all of the spring time, blue Jemz had just passed the night in full on dead shrink mode snuggling in the blankets whilst reminiscing about stuff like last years snow covered march moon-- while rambling on about this years April strawberry moon --or is that the June moon dang it -- which due to clouds was not visible. This was one of milk duds "fun things to do on A saturday night quarantine pillow fight" but the rapper wasn't into it and assumed a sour puss expression. what a honking load, he mumbled.
Dont pout..Maybe even Sublime will get resurrected you never know...daddy's got a new forty five, Blue Jemz advised hte rapper quietly removing the piece from his hand and placing a vinyl record in it. Here--htis is better than a firearm This is true fire... Express yourself, Danilo don't be bashful. I'm right here.
Boy now I'm not afraid, eminem laughed bitterly, preparing to jump. Wait, said Clooney from across the sea, his stream had kicked in from VIA DEI BILLIONARDI TESTARDI BASTARDI. ( Sorry Giorgio but you are Such a papagallo, so shoot me). Don't do it eminem, have an M and M! Or better yet, try one of his bad mints, jelly said, believe me been there done that and he gets them from a crappy supplier.
Its bad minton you gorilla, Clooney shouted into the phone I only hired you to watch the door, so what do you know? and anyway I make the mints by hand!
The hell you say, a drunk and disorderly de niro chimed in you couldnt even pick a grape wearing $500 bruno magli gloves.
Dont you dare drag me into this OJ yelled, Im trying to spin everything so I look like bill gates!
As it was Palm sunday, Jesus rode in on a donkey to the cheering crew of Croziers captaincy who gave him a laurel crown and a mountain of home grown chocolate cherry cheese croissants confected in a community con pane style oven. O boy not smart said jemz, Jesus, the judges are gonna be jealous! yeah, its true said Jesus but the people want me. Let them shout, or the stones of the roadside would call out my name.
As the cheering crowd grew boisterous, one voice was heard above the din: the outraged voice of Bill Bob crapweasel who left off commandeering cabbage carts for a minute to claim credit for the deckmantel demon fiasco. Brick collective, he fumed! I used to work for the Los Angeles albanil guild by God and they built light weight and even floating light installation lighthouuses all over Alcatraz Bay! So what if they were to guide convicts escaping by night in pirate rowboats? besides my dekmantel demon was part of the glitterati. I said click collective, dave clarified to crapweasel with the correct consonant. besides, chill, ok we'll work smething out, next time you can be in the show with sheena. Who do you think I am agador spartacus? roared crapweasel who had overestimated his ability to imbibe vats of corn wiskey. Im not an animal, I wear shoes on Sundays!!!! (when I can find them that is). Boys boys boys, said Jemz.

Palm Sunday afternoon reggae with Positive reality and Camrun. danilo appeared to be calm. He sidled up to Milk dud who was shopping online for theater box milk duds. So we gonna order some milk duds or what?
we? said milk dud.
Yeah you know the engelblau trust,
I dont trust you as far as jelly could throw you so dont ask me for no password, hoss.
Yeah, its like a bugatti but it eats oats and whinnnies and stuff.
Jemmy can I borrow a dollar from the Engelblau thing? danilo assumed a fake pose of cooperation. ijust want some milk duds is all
First we need to discuss your interior emotions. "Oh no". then we need to articulate mushy songs that make you weep."No chance, no way". You scared? Said Tyler gage who as we all know had been "in new york with Nora" but they broke up so he went back to the ghetto to dance in the streets. you down, little girl? keep it up, my beeyatch Danilo snarled. AHEM, said Jemz. As I was saying, then we might need to attend quarantine church services hosted by (Odin) Lloyd --in our dreams. AW HELL NO I AINT RELIGIOUS, said danilo, breaking for the door. Nobody is going nowhere, Jelly repeated. Theres a virus out there and people like Lorrain Maradiaga are coughing for vendetta!. He took out his pistol. Get away from the door, Danny. "we've been through this before" said danilo "you cant shoot me". "correction, said jelly, it was you coulnd't shoot the dead shrink. You're staying right here. And give synthecide back that bottle of hair dye, you magpie.
After a battle, Danilo submitted two articulations. ONe under the nom de plume Lil milk dud (what a wanna be!)
the other by mount washington sensationMILK DUD MOUNTAIN MEN
AH yea, said jemz, (odin) Lloyd gonna take u to church now. You too M and M. Using "dead guy force" he dragged eminem off the top of Mt washington from whence he was preparing to jump.

Old spring break pix from "leon and matilda wanna be corleonesi spring break" put the link here.
Special feature milk dud quarantine spring break bucket list.

Goes kayaking in east river which is actually as clean as the blue grotto. Catches enough fish to sink kayak and cooks all in Mccarren park oven. Does not share with Kushner. or maybe does becuase..Jesus.
Two: drag races the ghost of Cale yarborough down fifth avenue in Bugatti Noires (dud had the elegance and cale the sportif). Loses epically by crashing into the candy store in times square. Is not sorry (obv.). gets a sugar high and goes into orbit over the church services loft. Receives a Papal blessing from the San damiano dekmantel Daemon who is actually st rafael the archangel, famous for his disguise as "raguel the fisherman from upcountry
If you're wondering about the pink moon, well, lil dudz did see at three but the mellowness is such that lil dudz just looked at it said look at that j its beautiful isnt it j said sure is-- u can go back to sleep the perimeter is quiet. and went back to sleep.

Dave p and crapweasel staged the lighting for tokyo skidrow skidesuka kidoki tak with liberace and prince throwing up a few chandeliers and elaborate candelabras for atop the piano whilst people hearkened tot he meldoy. the crew gathered round and jelly passed out birthday cake for nicole and pier giorgio. this twitter pic is all wrong though lil dudz whispered to jemz as the piano misic filled the philly air. How so? Well when you moon its full frontal plus the pink drawers are a nice touch but thats no strawberry plant there. Ah, no? not hardly city boy strawberry plants are vine like with little yellow flowers and if u were going for cherry oof where do I start!! Lil dudz snuggled deep into the cubijas and said if I doze off, tell the crew hay. And look at this if you think the spirit doesnt know where to find stuff. his suggestion for this morning was pachalbel so I youtubed it and look what the title of this channel is the VVVVVoices of MMusic, ie the MEMORIAL that holds up the VOLCANO.
Maybe a cool graduation submission for lil dudz this year would be pix of beautiful horses and bugattis set to the theme of pacalbel in D. Except ooff would that be a lot of work!

Lil dudz dozed off whilst the cherry moon shone done upon the viral world. Deep in the night, danny's phone blinged. From nowhere a voice thick with the accent of sinaloa shouted him down. Turn off the XXX phone cabron! It was none other than Shorty guzman who had managed to slip out disguised as a gramd street taco truck. excuse me nigel, he said turning to Nasty, all due respect but we have to correct this greenhouse lamp here and convert it to emergency rapid grow frijol and maize production. Now I know some u spliffers gonna get nervous but we're all gonna get mighty hungry down in here and we got no time for games. He hacked up the floor using a machete from the stockpiled weapons cache of machete bentley and began to plow the unplowed or is it unemployed land beneath.We got to turn all these machetes into plowshares...damn who said that. WAS THAT JAH JAH!!! This soil is totally corrupted, said Barilli, its got chemicals in it and stuff. damn gringos shorty swore, the hits just keep on coming! He dug furiously in the dirt until water flowed out. we can irrigate it wtih this and when the water flows clear, we'll know we're back to business.
What the--Shorty stopped short as a fully clad galilean fisherman washed up out of the hole he was digging. I may have dug too deep he muttered. dig as deep as you want, God is everywhere said the mystical st John who emerged followed by a whole crew and last of all Judas iscariota. You better mend your nets, Pedro, he snarled as the clink of silver clinked in his pocketbook. You're going down, sun.
Feels like the suns going down on me, saind Elton John's ghost which had joined Prince liberace and tak for the "dont shoot me I'm only a piano player" number, while no one was paying attention, and had actually seeded elderberries as props for the "elderberry wine" encore.
Let's burn down the mission, Lord, if we want to stay alive. He borrowed a lighter from someone and prepared to "burn down the bando". Hey now look at that said Shorty with a note of respect in his voice. These elderberries look pretty gangsta. Exit stage patmos, said lil dudz. No wait said jemz let's stick around for the trial.
The donkey used by Jesus for the crozier scene was trying to lead everyone to a seder supper at Bernies house, but no one ws in the mood for food just then.

Holy thursday, 4;45 and soon events will be set in motion that lead to the arrest and execution of Jah. As the Cherry moon is fixing to set in a couple hours, and dud has been up with Jemmy looking at it, swigging bowls of milk and coffee, and burying in the covers. The guy across the street turns on his ignition as he always does at 4:45.
Poor Jesus, siad dud I always cry on this day. He only has one day left to life.
One last wild waltz, Jemz mumrmurs. Isnt that Kevin Rowland? yeah. So are you hanging out with withers? Is he a hoot or what? A hoot.. chandler bing, right? Jemz chuckled. you really should read Les mis, if you're gonna go around weeping for Bernie all the time.
I can't get into it without weeping..the only thing I remember from the movie is that dying hooker asking for a sou which always reminds me of moonstruck and la bohemme.. then that girl when she first saw a mirror she acted all weird.
yeah well Hugo and Bernie are very similar.
Nice touch that big old begonia innit,,and btw Speaking of literature Mr. Hoity toity did you ever get your shrink license back? Yeah it was touch and go for a while though, when I told them you were one of my patients that almost killed the deal.
there was a pause as milk dud rummaged in her backpack. You know old sport i had this dead shrink baseball card box of vintage milk duds I was gonna share with you but on second thought///NAH LOL This oculd have been a cover of Blame it On Midnight called "Shame on the troll" however, having discovered the connection between Bob seger's caballo rhythm and the "vengachepaka" caballo rhythms this is what we get instead..listen to the horse in Shame on the moon. Because geez dud doesnt have to cover everthing with new lyrics. these lyrics are good too..the second verse, where seger talks about a womans heart...its worth considering that for a while. this oculd be the ultimate Jesus "do not judge" empathy and emotional intelligence song right here. Shame on the moon.

Dead men have no ducks...or mabye they do but they dont use them to hurt other people. that would be Paradise right there. As the innocent Jah drags his cross slowly up the hill in a bloody scene that really isnt fun to imagine,stateside, dud is at the wheel of a stunningly magnificent and very costly blue Porsche Gemballa--and that is the name of the car-- attempting to outrun a hoarde of ducks. Who are angrier than they appear because they never tell the truth about why they are angry, and maybe they dont even know because it hurts too much to figure it out. Ducks, ah well. Gemballa crashes the car loudly into a tree, amazingly no one is hurt (hand of God). Why did you do that,! ,
HERE'S ONE VERSION OF THE CRASH but remember Varyx probably bought the video and has to track you to pay for it...no free lunch except from jesus.
ruined such a beautiful car. It was going the wrong way, engelblau replied. Had to do it. Perhaps gemballa is your new nickname, dud muses. Perhaps the tails will be most vicious if they sees that. Jemz replied. Im trying to make a point, said dud, I am more chaste than a cherry moon...they just rage away to every wrong conclusion. Perhaps the tails should read victor hugo, dud muses. Free on the internet archive, even his poetry. If you like the philosophy of Uriel University you can always donate to the Blu Jemz trust later when we get the firewall going and the terms straightened out. It just takes a while when you dont have 100 ruble an hour Russian hackers on your team, right, Sir Zuck?

So sometimes lil dudz is slow..slower than mango flavored molasses flowing down a mountain..slower than Holy Saturday waiting for Shua (the Jewish way to say Jesus) to arise. Msucle cars...Coloring lessons..said Jemmy..that's..thats not about the blue Gemballa getting a cherry moon topcoat or a volcanic fire detail on the hood. its not? said dud sleepily. Jemz hesitated. No, see, you missed it again. You know...You know in the video for wagon wheel when Rucker gets to the club and the bouncer doesnt want to let him in. yeah he doesnt know who it is. thats--thats not the only reason Jemballa said slowly. There was an awkward pause. No way, said dudz. Yeah, way. Said jemz.There was another awkward pause. It's still worse being a woman..then they let you in right off but its only cuz..u know. Rock paper scissors, said jemmy.
And yeah we working on a song, its TM Valanga Di Vita Sir Troll. So holla back..if you have a song in your heart (if trolls even have hearts..)
ORIGINAL from which we mash up
Can we revisit this thing, I think youre off. Kinda like the twitter pic. Ok talk to me dud. Ok look its fake racism.. Its a publicity stunt from FGL..you know like Bieber they want to be the great Obaminator. Jemz laughed. Obaminator? yeah u know like bring the colors together but its all fake they just want the broccoli wad. Jemz laughed again. the broccoli wad!! So do darius and bieber dance for weinstein too? dudz I truly wish life were as simple as you think it is. it IS jemmy, its all about money! that's it!

The Ever industrious quar special and klipt held an impromptu meeting with dred lock aficionado Moxie to tweak Daves cloud encryption so everybody would feel as safe in the cloud as they would at a Paul Viti Meeting with Jelly's crew on the mezzanine with the arms.
Thats just so stupid said the troll that white guy wearing a weave! Jelly threw the troll into a vat of molten chocolate which dave P's cooking crew had been stirring for a long time. Stir it up little darling crooned the ghost of Bob Marley. Nice weave there moxie! wagwan? I didnt come here to get sinsi Moxie said, me and dave are tweaking the cloud encryption.

Yes patriot's day weekend has arrived and we're still stuck in quarantine and yes the tails are inspecting every little detail of every webpage about a hundred times more carefully than dudz does. so be our guest! Read on o valiant one!
Today is all about trust for devotees of mercy.
We have to trust even if there are no guarantees except one: love. That's the guarantee.
Even if the tails follow you absolutely everywhere and you have to hunker down in a bunker just to hide from them. even on line! Fine. Just proceed with the violence of love as Romero says.
wow, says Jemz. Hire a hall.
This was your idea, said lil duds. Did you notice my cousin lil mofo?

Don't put this on me, said Jemz, you were the one who was driving too fast.
You were the one who was trying to head shrink the tails and trolls from your lazy slouch in teh shotgun seat-o. were the twins near the Florida Georgia line by any chance?
Ha ha ha.
Anyway We're going to place the Aaron brick today and tomorrow the brick for The Marathon bomb.
We're going to build the mercy memorial even if it remains online for the time being.
Sorry if it offends people but we are doing it only to bring to light what has been shrouded in darkness. We are not doing this out of vendetta. It's the opposite. we're doing it for vangelo. ( Did you know the story of the shroud or Sindon of turin? Becuase Primo Sindon is a character in the movie but sindon has a religious meaning. Which, when Jesus soul came bakc into his body, He did so with so much white hot energy that the photographic image was supposedly burned into the burial cloth.
Kind of like a volcano. huh.

when you click the approrpiate brick you will learn the story of htat suicide/homicide so that the spirits of those people, who were not loved enough in one way or another, who were trolled and bullied until they could take no more, will shine like beacons of hope for our world.
Aaron hernandez, suicide that occurred seven years ago today. Go to the memorial page for details.
Authors note: lil dudz is a completely sober character who does no drugs, and when pursued by anything from corona virus to hound dogs, keeps farmers hours and eats cabbage. And farmers hours means, when the sun goes down, so do you.
maybe people want a glimpse of the wild side but thats just because they have a mistaken idea of what it actually is.