Learning to listen has an effect on the physical realities we live in.
we have proof of that we don't need to use our own story just yet, we set up a context
There is plenty of proof that people talk about like that guy Gupta, Santana etc.
Here we have to catalogue the waste.
THe societal waste we need to put on the public page, to itemize them and use hard evidence of where the money goes..
the drug war, the domestic violence, mental illness, etc.
And also the geographic wars that messed up the land of the earth and continue to do so, costing trillions in immigration and squabbles like BREXIT the war on terror, and all those deaths.
I mean the REAL ID? Jesus was an illegal immigrant in Egypt. Mohammed Attah got a posthumous visa for crying out loud.
its our hearts that are the problem.
Attah wanted revenge, like the zarnev brothers did, isnt Darjar on death row?
The people of earth should be unified not by law but in their hearts, that is the Kingdom come, don't we have a pretty impressive amount of resources for everybody if we stop wasting them?
we know this in our hearts but how do we DO it? LIfe is so hard! You get so tired.
How to conserve time and energy, like santana said, don't let your energy just run off everywhere.
LISTEN to what the spirit is saying to the people. We have to LEARN TO LISTEN, LEARN TO LISTEN, then the economy in our own lives and the earth would go according to the deepest human desires.
The personal waste is more personal.
Each person's heart is also a war zone as well.
We have to learn to listen to the spirit of goodness, where the other one tries to drown it out with noise and etc.