WELCOME BACK, AVENTUREROS! MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU AND REMAIN WITH YOU...THE MOON OF MAY IS ALSO A SUPERMOON, the "fourth" supermoon of the year, so "May the Fourth" has a special meaning..just like revenge of El CINCO DE MAYO


Here's your review: VINCENT VICTORY VANGELO VALANGA VENDETTA VIOLENZA VARCARE VENTURERO VITA VERITA VITA VOLCANO VOICE VENEZIA VALIENT VICTIM VOTO VEGLIARE VIRTUE discuss all that in front of your doctoral assessors, the 7 spirits who stand before the throne of the Eternal One...
they will always know more than we will no matter how much education we think we have.
Sure V day is May 8th, the feast of the Archangel if you happen to know your Gargano history (hey, wait, that could be historical evidence in favor of the reality of the angel!) but also, who's the queen of the angels of the porziuncula! You got it, gonsapo! But we're switching to Fatima because V day is not about the Spanish invasion of Mexico, it's about WWII.
Although the title "Our lady of Victory of the rosary" dates back hundreds of years, if the truth be told--and she probably chose "Fatima" the name of the beloved daughter of Mohammed, to heal that old wound bewteen Catholics and Ottoman Turks...And what better present for a MOTHERS' DAY illuminated by a MOON of MAYHEM and MERCIFUL MERRIMENT? VICTORY, THE GOOD NEWS...death, where is thy sting? Murder hornets take note...
Phaidipedes has nothing on the angel...in fact, hermes or mercury, the messenger of the Gods, is faster than any mortal. (hey wait that means angels predated christianity, even if they are some mass delusion.)
You could say V is for VIRUS but we answer, did you know the fifth choir of angels is the VIRTUES which originally meant the Strong ones of God....so again, let's pray to these angels to help us wipe out the virus (by inspiring us all to learn how to do it, if you wish to place the responsibility solely on our shoulders) and we'll have another reason to celebrate V day.
Because one thing is for sure, the virus is not an illusion or else, where did its victims go?

V is for VALANGAVERSE..the Vision of the Universe that its creator had in mind from the beginning.
And V is for the VOICE that sings the song that creates the Valangaverse...CARMEN ET SPLENDOR.

CARMEN, the song, SPLENDOR, which needs no translation.
In the beginning the Voice seemed to come from the Volcano and people were very scared, but in later days, the Vangelo del Verbo "sono VIA VERITA E VITA."
Now, V is for that Voice of Life that also sings to us in our hearts, a song which we may hear best when vulnerable..

But the paradox of that wound, the scandal of that wound is "by that wound we are healed.
According to this logic of love, Valanga, not Vendetta, is the way to Victory.
V also for VINCENT which means victorious.
Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most well known painters, yet while he lived he fought a losing war with despair.
Yet vincent's hope in a great sorrow is expressed in "starry night" which he painted while staying at a mental hospital and shortly before taking his own life.
Since the mission of Uriel University is to explore the "consolation of reality" so to speak, the vetted Varsity guide to the University may feature "starry night" on its cover and may feature "CARMEN ET SPLENDOR" as the school motto.

Behold a great sign appeared in the heavens...a woman crowned with 12 stars clothed with the sun and with the moon under her feet
?Quieren ir al aventura con el angel? Montensen en sus caballos y adelante, valientes aventureros!

Want to go on the Engelblau adventure? Saddle Up, Hopkins, Arwen Evenstar, Lancelot or however you wish to ride.
Let's build the VALANGAVERSE of life together--SIGNED WITH LOVE BY LIFE ITSELF.