Fatima, Rio Concord

is for VALANGAVERSE..the Vision of the Universe that its creator had in mind from the beginning.
And V is for that Voice of Life in our hearts which we may hear best when vulnerable..V also for VINCENT which means victorious.
Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most well known painters, yet while he lived he fought a losing war with despair.
Yet vincent's hope in a great sorrow is expressed in "starry night" which he painted while staying at a mental hospital and shortly before taking his own life.
Since the mission of Uriel University is to explore the "consolation of reality" so to speak, the vetted Varsity guide to the University may feature "starry night" on its cover and may feature "CARMEN ET SPLENDOR" as the school motto.

A tale of Numinor because if you're up this early looking at this page, (?!) it's time to get cracking! why not join Thoreau's canoe adventure!...(or as they say in iTalian ma siete proprio lagnusi!
If you wish to hear how laziness and riches can slow you down on the adventure, and how there are many mafias even in the spiritual world, you can always check out the "V IS FOR VICAR OF JESUS" blog hereinsert San Giuseppe da Copertino link there
if you do not understand Italian check VATICAN VA for all kinds of languages.)

Thoreau El aventurero y su travelblog.(which wasn't very popular at the time he wrote it according to rumors.)
May 6, 2020, Thoreau woke up on the hard riverbank as the sun contemplated the early morning mountaintops, to find the angel cooking bread in a fascinating lion' shaped oven such as the one pictured below.
Lion of Judah, the angel hummed whilst toasting the homemade bread. Where you headed, stranger? He said to henry.
we're heading toward the sea so we can find Atlantis or Numinor or wherever the transcendent place is, Henry explained, shaking the bugs and pine cones out of his blanket.
Well then its a good thing you people ran into me, said the angel. You wont' find that place without me.
At that moment a bird began to tweet. Ah! said the angel, time to sing the matins. whats that scroll you've got, said thoreau. that's not THE scroll, is it? Oh, the one with the apocalypse, laughed the angel, no no thats not what time it is.
It's the score to the more difficult songs. we angels have to learn A LOT of songs.
What's that field journal you've got? Its the names of all the corporations that are wrecking the countryside with dams, and dumping hazmat into the concord river, explained thoreau.
Well then its a DAM good thing you ran into me, said the angel. Sorry, shoot me now. which wouldnt work since I'm immortal but in any event, Those cats SHO aint gonna like DAT!
He hefted a shining sword in his hand.
Zounds! cried thoreau, thats not THE sword, is it?
O you mean, the famous sword in the stone, the jedi laser, anduril etc etc etc? No no no....Mike's got that one, this is just a standard miliatary issue weapon here. Forged in the flames of love though, so we're safe from ---well--you know of whom I speak. If we get them with this, they won't know what hit them.
And with that he broke into a military challenge composed by people thoreau loved very much, and made famous by the film guardians of the galaxy: Come, and get your love.:
They'll get hives just LISTENING to those lyrics, the angel said with glee.

What is the Valangaverse?
la valangaverso es el universo como lo imagino Dios o quien lo hizo. Empezo con el "big bang" lo cual el libro de Genesis lo muestra como la VOZ DE DIOS, esta voz tan poderosa que lo que dice ya viene real.
Que sea LUZ, dijo la voz y he aqui LUZ.(pero la gente PREFIERE TENEBRES A LA LUZ OOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
pero desde que la voz es AMOR, la voz normalmente nos habla donde vive el amor, es decir, no en el oido pero en el corazon.
Para poder lavorar con el Creador de todo para ir adelante con su projecto de vida "Yo vine para que tengan Vida en abundancia" tenemos que escuchar en el corazon para poder vocalizar lo que nos dijo la Voz de Amor.

The Valangaverse is the Universe as the creator envisioned it.
We say it started with a big "bang", which the book of Genesis interprets as the Voice of Life, the Voice whose words become what they say.
Let there be light, said the Voice, and behold there was light.
But since this voice is Love, which resides in our hearts, not our ears, the voice speaks in the hearts of humans more frequently than in our ears,
A demonstration of this --which is fictional but closely resembles accounts that purport to be veridical such as the dreams of St Joseph--that has been seen by millions of people occurs in the movie LOTR. After Gandalf the Guardian was temporarily sidelined by the balrog in the mine, Strider was forced to look for Lorien, and the all seeing Galadriel perceived the fellowship from afar, sending archers to intercept them silently, who said "this dwarf breathes so loudly we could have shot him in the dark."
When they were brought before her, Frodo heard her voice in his heart, as she warned him of the plan of Boromir which she also perceived without words. "He will try to take the ring" she warned, without naming Boromir. "You know of whom I speak."
(Since Tolkien was devoted to the angels, he likely had great experience in their ways of vocalizing; that is, directly to your heart. the Elves he depicted were likely modeled after the 'lesser" angels, the "faeries" who are closest to mortals. These creatures are not an invention of Tolkien by any means. He simply "mashed it up".. then,to continue the labor of life and participate actively in bringing into being the Valangaverse Vision of the Founder (God) the first step is to learn to listen to our hearts and vocalize what we hear.
is for Listen. LOVE=Listen to the Omniscient Voice of Engel. AMOR=Attencion al mensaje ortogado por el Rey.
AMORE=Ascolta il messaggio omnipresente del Regale Eraldo.
This is not a firewall. To enter the valangaverse, compose a song about Engelblau's Love and upload it to Neocities. It's free. Won't cost you a dime but it has to come from the heart.
You don't have to use your own voice if you are shy, use flutes or drums or horns or the voices that God gives the wind and the rain and the sea.
It just has to be your heart that speaks. And so, ... "checkmate."
Para entrare la valangaverse, componer una cancion que trata del amor del angel y subela a Neocities. Es gratis, no cuesta un centavo pero tiene que venir de tu corazon.
Y entonces..callejon sin salida.
Note: to access Vendettaverse, please upload instead a cover of "This is from Matilda" by Alt-J.
Accompanying video of the actual martyrdom of Leon is optional but if you were lucky enough to grab something that sensational you could probably sell it to some news agency for a lot of money.
Nota: Si quiere usted entrar en el universo de Venganza, en vez de una cancion para honrar tu Angel Guardian, haz una version de "Esto viene de Matilda" la cancion de Alt-J.
Un video del martirio real de Leon Montana es opcional.
Claro que si usted saco una gravacion en vivo de la muerte de Leon, eso quisas vale mucho dinero.

Regarding recognition of the voice of the good shepherd, see for example, John 10 1-10. Readings for May 3, 2020. The Fourth Sunday of Easter in the Christian calendar, also called "Good Shepherd Sunday" in some places.

Once you have composed your song to your guardian angel, and agreed to listen to his counsel, like the three shepherd children, you will have to get in a boat made by you, like Thoreau, and find the way to the entrance to Engelblau's Blu Grotto.
Hint: It looks like this. And the way you build the boat is by reading "a Week on the concord and merrimack" by Thoreau.
Una vez compuesta su cancion a su angel, y hecho el acuerdo de escuchar su consejo como los pastorcitos, tiene que embarcar en una gondola o canoa hecho con su propria mano como Thoreau, y encontrar la entrada al grotto del angel.
Nota: parece a este castillo y se construye el barco con leer el libro de thoreau "una semana en el rio concord y el rio merrimac:

Now, if we get this far we will notice many other who, attracted by our singing have built their own gondolas and are now crowded together at Engelblau's grotto entrance, which is quite small.
Squabbling is sure to break out unless we form a Company, in other words, CON PANE: break bread together.
So the third step is, build a fire, and make the bread together and share it.
(This is how Jesus bonded his company who despite squabbling, all got strong enough to be martyrs of love.)
In other words, build a company.
Ahora si llegamos a tanto vamos a ver mucha gente congregada con nosotros a la entrada al grotto del angel, y no queremos pelear entre nosotros, entonces formamos una COMPANYIA, osea, CON PAN: cocinamos y compartimos el pan entre todos.

How can we trust the members of our company, if even Christ was betrayed by one of his own fellowship?
As we have seen,Star wars is derived from LOTR which in its turn is derived form ancient northern myths.
Many have heard of King arthur, whose knights gathered at the round table, all equal, to profess allegiance to the very christian doctrine of "Right makes might". Each year at pentecost to show their devotion to the chivalric code THey made a vow or voto, (DE VOTO). We suggest a VALANGAVOTO, meaning, promise to practice a lively devotion to the angels.
Stick with your angel, who is sure to guide you on the road to Paradise.
Aqui o San Miguel en la presencia de mi angel de la guardia yo te professo con todo mi corazon un amor fiel y un amistad sincero por siempre amen.
y yo te pido no me dejas nunca tampoco cuando me pierdo, pero me ames todavia mas fuertemente, me vienes a buscar y me conduces en paradiso amen.
Es interestante pensar que la palabra "chivalry" viene de cheval, Frances por caballo or horse of course.

Get on your horse and ride ride ride cause the angel's love is bonafide.
Preliminary con pane questions:
One: Fredric Engels perhaps was not an angel.
Is it possible that Marx's idea for community failed due to lack of angelic guidance?
Two. If you can, discuss the Manifesto and its relevance to Christianity.
Name some failed communist regimes and some russian novels that satirized the power grabs of communist regimes.
Three: While it might be PIU FACILE (easier) to purchase or rent or even "find" a focaccia forno on craigslist, would "fare il forno in friendship come una famiglia" forge a more forte feeling of fellowship or would it frustrate the fellowship and cause it to fragment?
By all means get a discussion popping, but also listen: What does your heart tell you?
Construir un orno de barro o piedra o ladrillo podria ser un passo muy util en fusare el espiritu de una comunidad cualquiera o podria ser el fuego que quemo la familia de frustracion.
?Que opinas? Escucha en el corazon.


If we are successful in forming a company of love by listening to the voice of life in our hearts, we should be able to enter Engelblau's domains in an orderly fashion, each one singing that song that comes from the heart while listening to each other and to Engelblau, and harmonizing together so as to fill Engelblau's domains with love
The Roman Emperor Tiberius held the area shown below as sacred.
He believed that nymphs ( a kind of mermaid type mythical musical creature) sang here in this place on the Italian Island of Capri, the lighthouse rocks or faros create a grotto known as the blu grotto.

The evolutoin of the conflict between good and evil.
One of Satans' main strategies is to roam about in a cloak of invisibility and divide people; succumbing to his own resentment, he delights in stirring up problems.
and another is to put"spin" on events, succumbing to his Vanity, he spins events to make himself look good (or bad, which to him is good.)
La cueva de san Miguel is un lugar en Gargano Italia consagrado al arcangel San Miguel en su battalla contro Satanas.
The Cave of St Michael which is the ending point of the mystical "sword of st Michael" is a place in gargano Italy where the angel is said to have appeared and commissioned a church in his honor, which he claimed he had already consecrated.
In the medieval period places of angelic apparition were considered major military outposts in the war against Satan, and people took this spiritual conflict very seriously;see for example, Le morte D'Arthur and the coronation at "CARLION." and the so called "PENTECOSTAL OATH" which imitates the "great commission" of Jesus.

the vow of Arthur's knights was a vow of chivalry which advocated the protection of the vulnerable and awarded land or "domain" to those who so protected the vulnerable.
before taking such a vow knights fasted and prayed, and often swore fidelity to the Mother of christ as well.

DOMAIN QUESTIONS: Since Domain comes from the latin word for Home, is it fair to say the heart is the domain of the human spirit?

EvOLUTION QUESTIONS: how has the concept of human rights evolved since the middle ages? Is it closer to the Vision God has for the Universe, ie the Valangaverse?
what about love for and devotion to Jesus? How has that evolved? Is it closer to the Valangavision or further away, as a rejected Jesus predicted, "when the Son of man comes will He find any faith?"