Thoreau's canoe adventure
Osea L'aventura en canoa de Enrique David Thoreau

Once you hear the call of the angel in your heart (or maybe if you live in fatima portugal in 1917 and you're a little kid, you mgiht possibly hear it with your ears), the energy in your heart will holler back by any means necessary, whether you bike, boat, birkenstock, or boost WE MEAN BUILD a bugatti and blaze your way to paradise

People may know Thoreau for his journal of hippie life at walden pond, or for his essay on civil disobedience.
These courses are also available here at Uriel University and many other places, as a matter of fact it is a tribute to Thoreau that his love for Walden pond resulted in its being preserved.
The walden pond adventure was part of the original Skandalone Skole.
But Thoreau wasn't simply a bratty blue blood who was playing at being a Bohemian.
He really cared.
six years before he stayed at walden, (he was likely a student or recent graduate of Harvard at the time) Thorea took a canoe trip down the concord and merrimack rivers in massachusetts.
Sensitive and perceptive, he was heartbroken to see the dams on the rivers wrecking the natural ecosystems.
His writing style may seem a bit overdone, but it's worth it to read about his river adventure and in a sense, take the trip along with him, even if we aren't as handy with a little canoe and even if we are in quarantine.
First few questions: What does Concord mean? How does Thoreau relate it to the river? When do the adventurers leave on their journey? Where do they leave from?

A tale of Numinor because if you're up this early looking at this page, (?!) it's time to get cracking! why not join Thoreau's canoe adventure!...(or as they say in iTalian ma siete proprio lagnusi!
If you wish to hear how laziness and riches can slow you down on the adventure, and how there are many mafias even in the spiritual world, you can always check out the "V IS FOR VICAR OF JESUS" blog hereinsert San Giuseppe da Copertino link there
if you do not understand Italian check VATICAN VA for all kinds of languages.)

Thoreau El aventurero y su travelblog.(which wasn't very popular at the time he wrote it according to rumors.)
May 6, 2020, Thoreau woke up on the hard riverbank as the sun contemplated the early morning mountaintops, to find the angel cooking bread in a fascinating lion' shaped oven such as the one pictured below.
Lion of Judah, the angel hummed whilst toasting the homemade bread. Where you headed, stranger? He said to henry.
we're heading toward the sea so we can find Atlantis or Numinor or wherever the transcendent place is, Henry explained, shaking the bugs and pine cones out of his blanket.
Well then its a good thing you people ran into me, said the angel. You wont' find that place without me.
At that moment a bird began to tweet. Ah! said the angel, time to sing the matins. whats that scroll you've got, said thoreau. that's not THE scroll, is it? Oh, the one with the apocalypse, laughed the angel, no no thats not what time it is.
It's the score to the more difficult songs. we angels have to learn A LOT of songs.
What's that field journal you've got? Its the names of all the corporations that are wrecking the countryside with dams, and dumping hazmat into the concord river, explained thoreau.
Well then its a DAM good thing you ran into me, said the angel. Sorry, shoot me now. which wouldnt work since I'm immortal but in any event, Those cats SHO aint gonna like DAT!
He hefted a shining sword in his hand.
Zounds! cried thoreau, thats not THE sword, is it?
O you mean, the famous sword in the stone, the jedi laser, anduril etc etc etc? No no no....Mike's got that one, this is just a standard miliatary issue weapon here. Forged in the flames of love though, so we're safe from ---well--you know of whom I speak. If we get them with this, they won't know what hit them.
And with that he broke into a military challenge composed by people thoreau loved very much, and made famous by the film guardians of the galaxy: Come, and get your love.:
They'll get hives just LISTENING to those lyrics, the angel said with glee.

that night Thoreau woke up at three am, as the full moon shone down upon the peaceful forest. He heard the sound of splashing. HEY he shouted, leaping to his feet as the corporate shill was caught IN FLAGRANTE with a horse and carriage full of hazmat.
You snot nosed fauntle roy, snarled the shill and whipped out a hacksaw. We'll see how far ye git without yer precious floaty boat. But the angel was too quick for him. Arwen! He called. Here! She answered. do the river trick, said engel, and the elf called down the horses of heaven upon the waters, which rushed forward and swept the shill away.
Damn chariots of pharoh, the angel mused. They never have very good mechanics. The wheel alignment is always off.
At that point a bedraggled figure loped up on a beautiful grey gypsy horse.
Are you the angel of this domain? Said the figure. That I am answered the angel. Could you return this horse and its companions to their rightful owner? Said the figure. We had to escape from them for undisclosed reasons. Ask Saint Giles.
And btw can I have some bread?
Do you want to join the gospel train? said the angel. YOu know that song has been in my mind all day, said the figure.
Well did you check the gospel? said the angel. No, I was playing with the letter V.
What did you come up with? Via verita vita.
Yeah, see that was the gospel. Seems like it's in your heart already, why dont you people come along with us.
I do have to warn you however, that the gospel train comes complete with jealous crowds that tend to suborn rich witnesses (which is often how those people got rich in the first place, by giving false testimony so they're rather good at it) imprison and kill people.
Let me read you the first reading for today, Acts 13:44-52.
O gawd, said Thoreau, my dad used to drive me bonkers with all that bible thumping. Could you pass the bread?
ok but let's hear your song, henry, said the angel. Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvellous deeds. Did you call me? cried Howard Jones, who was broke and performing in deserted subway stations.
Jalous, chimed in Dadju. Evidentement leurs sont jaloux...They are, said the angel. Can't believe it said Kranium, . Believe it, said the angel. It's an eyewitness account of how the government feels power slipping from their hands into God's heart... Now notice how Philip was pestering Jesus to show him the Father? That's why he got enough intel to convince the Ethiopian government official to get on the gospel train. It's just like the people in fatima pestering the Blessed Mother. Asking and answering is part of the process.

And now it's time for Mass, said the angel, I will be pleased to accompany your lordships to the holy table. Let's sing the introit: